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911 Review: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Outsourced Quality Assurance Program

911 Review has never been an easy task so it should be taken seriously. Not all in-house personnel can do effective Quality Assurance (QA) as they also have different jobs and, in that case, the focus is not on QA especially since the number of receiving calls now is increasing and this may affect the operation of the 911 Center. That’s why we want to share with you the five reasons why you should consider getting outsourcing for your Quality Assurance.


Timely and Relevant Feedback

Leave it to the experts. Leave to ReplayQA, it is a QA service that is being offered by our company. Since we are an outsourcing and the services we offer focus on Quality Assurance, you can have a faster turnaround based on the agreed timing cycle of evaluations. With this, as a 911 Center, you can review and immediately assess what needs to be improved.


Objective evaluations

One of the factors to have an effective 911 review or quality assurance is not to have favoritism. The ReplayQA provides fairness and transparency. To have unbiased evaluations and eliminates conflict, emotion and the criticism of “you only evaluate my bad calls”, the system can be set up to randomly select calls.


Cost Effective

Getting your staff involved in quality assurance or 911 review would take a lot of training and he/she won’t be able to focus on it as he/she might have other jobs to work on. To avoid spending so much on the training and consuming time of your staff, consider ReplayQA as your outsourced QA as it can help you save time and money. Aside from that, your staff can also focus on your operational priorities and needs.


Meet QA Compliance and Industry Standards

To ensure the quality of services, all of our evaluators attend regular training in industry best practices to ensure compliance with APCO and NENA QA Standards. Also, if some of your staff do the QA and they have to leave or resign, you will need to do another training for your new staff and another recertification. If you do outsource, you won’t need to go through this.


Automated Process

No more manual scoring! Every day, 24/7, 911 centers receive hundreds of calls, and having limited in-house sources for reviewing 911 calls may get affected as it would consume a lot of time and not all calls will be able to be reviewed. If that happened, you won’t be able to have efficient QA results.


With that, ReplayQA can provide you with automation for these processes that can help you improve the skills of your telecommunicators by having on-time coaching. Also, all of your evaluations are stored electronically along with the audio recording for the call.


Want to find out more the what else ReplayQA can offer you? Don’t hesitate to message us now at replay@replaysystems.com