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Illuminate 911 Recording System

Pioneering Subscription-Based Recording Solutions

Welcome to the future of 911 operations with Illuminate 911 Recording System.

A subscription-based powerhouse revolutionizing efficiency.

Bid farewell to purchasing hassles and embrace seamless access to top-tier recording and bundled Quality Assurance (QA) services through an annual payment plan.

Unlock the Benefits of Illuminate 911 Recording System


Say goodbye to large upfront purchases. Our annual subscription model ensures cost-effectiveness aligned with your budgetary preferences.

Continuous Support

Experience peace of mind with continuous software enhancements, upgrades, and maintenance and support built into your annual subscription. 

Streamlined Operations

Simplify your operations by bundling Quality Assurance, recording, and reporting services into one comprehensive solution.

Server Flexibility

Customize the solution to
suit your unique infrastructure needs. Illuminate 911 Offers the flexibility to use your own server while we handle maintaining your subscription.

Discover Illuminate 911 Recording System Highlights

Our Software

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Industry leader of call recording solutions for public safety agencies. U.S. based manufacturer established in 1973.


Streamlined Solutions with

Illuminate 911 Recording System

Illuminate 911 Recording System offers advanced recording features, with the flexibility to bundle Quality Assurance (QA) and Reporting services based on your agency’s needs.

Simplify your subscription by selecting individual services or bundling them together under one convenient annual payment, tailored to your needs.

Meet Illuminate 911 Quality Assurance

Meet Illuminate 911 Quality Assurance:

Let us take care of your evaluations while you focus on critical tasks at your PSAP. No more evaluation management, just seamless and stress-free solutions for your peace of mind.

Upgrade your 911 Recording

Explore our innovative subscription service.


Upgrade your 911 Recording

Explore our innovative subscription service.