Contact Center Recording


Powerful Recording Solutions for Your Contact Center

The right contact center recording solution should analyze data to help you track successes and failures while also respecting your customers’ time and giving them the best experience when talking with your agents.

It should focus on call center monitoring by allowing experienced supervisors to monitor calls and help less experienced agents. It should also make your workforce more efficient, keeping your agents and supervisors productive while taking care of tasks that can be automated. The right solution should also be customizable to your needs, easy to use, reliable, and secure.

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Multi-media Recording

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Quality assurance


Screen Capture


Rapid Reporting & Analytics

Optimize Operations with Data Capture

Our software allows any organization to record telecommunications and other data, with easy retrieval and storage capabilities.

Quality Assurance

Boost call center scores with our Quality Assurance software. This QA feature makes it easy to score and grade agents, and email results for review.
With QA:

  • Managers can train agents using feedback from the agent’s and peers' interactions. This empowers agents and improves their attitude, awareness, and performance.
  • Agents become more productive with appropriate coaching.
  • Customer satisfaction increases when agents are trained to better understand both the internal and external customer voice, and respond appropriately.

Rapid Reporting & Analytics

Seamlessly generate reports and charts for scheduled and on-demand analytics. You can select desired KPIs and filter by station number or agent, duration of interaction, type of media, number of interactions by agent, grading score, and more.

Screen Capture

This feature records video of the agent’s desktop throughout the interaction, allowing you to monitor the agent’s synced screen activity at any moment. It allows you to review what applications were being used and how, as well as their browsing activities.

Real-Time Monitoring

You can monitor activities and performance in real-time or quickly retrieve interactions for review at a later time. Search with a wide array of parameters and choose to monitor calls, screen capture, email, text, IMs, and more based on agent, caller ID, media type, or other criteria. Create lists of agents to monitor multiple times

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics allows automated filtering of calls based on keywords, phrases, silence, or sentiment. It is a valuable tool that augments agent quality assurance assessment. Speech analytics can determine if agents are communicating appropriately and, with training, it can help improve behavior and tone.

Our solutions can support on premise based and cloud-based implementation

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Priority Dispatch

Priority Dispatch - Priority Dispatch Corp. is the leader in providing emergency dispatch protocol products as well as training and services. Priority Dispatch is the licensed distributor of the world’s leading emergency dispatch technology. The company’s flagship product, the call taking software ProQA, is currently used by more than 1,600 agencies worldwide, and emergency dispatchers employ Priority Dispatch System (PDS) to process approximately 70 million emergency calls annually.

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Verint - Verint® Systems Inc. is a leading provider of Actionable Intelligence® solutions and services for enterprise workforce optimization and security intelligence. Our solutions help organizations make timely, effective decisions for improving enterprise performance and making the world a safer place.

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Call Cabinet

Call Cabinet’s Atmos technology and subscription business model are highly disruptive to the entrenched, legacy call recording industry. Atmos is built using true cloud-native technology that enables carrier grade scalability, performance & efficiency. Atmos is a powerful call recording and QA service for every type of customer. It’s a single platform that can be expanded with licenses and features to suit specific organizational needs. Atmos has no upfront costs and can be deployed in hours.