Voice Recording and Quality Assurance

Our Company

About us

We are a family-owned and operated company, providing recording equipment, solutions, and maintenance throughout the southeast US. Founded in 1996, our 25+ years of personalized service and exceptional customer support have led to us being regarded as a leader in the field of selling and maintaining recording systems.

Replay Systems was founded in Ft Lauderdale, FL as a reseller of multimedia recording equipment. Partnered with manufacturers such as VPI, HigherGround, Verint, and CallCabinet, we quickly became one of the nation’s largest distributors and service providers for recording equipment.

Our journey and our growth didn’t end there. We saw a need for more than systems and equipment. To ensure that protocol is being followed in 911 call centers, thousands of recorded calls need to be evaluated every month by supervisors that are already exhausted from working on the front lines. We began pondering this dilemma and asking ourselves what we could do to help.

It wasn’t long before we responded to this challenge with Managed QA. Managed QA is our software service that provides quality assurance analysis and feedback to help enterprise call centers and public safety answering points alike meet their monthly evaluation criteria. It’s faster and more efficient than adding on hours of work for your facility’s directors and supervisors, and it’s far cheaper than hiring a dedicated specialist to do the job instead.

Our Mission and Purpose

At Replay, we are dedicated to providing the best systems and services to public safety, government, and enterprise facilities. With so many years of experience, we understand the unique struggles that each facility faces on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Our mission is to lift the load that comes with analyzing and understanding recorded data, while also providing high-quality multimedia recordings for every situation.

What Makes us Different

Replay answers every need. We install recording systems in record time, saving our customers money in the process. We employ dozens of service technicians who are oncall to repair equipment-whether we installed it or not-throughout the southeastern states. We provide Quality Assurance evaluations to lift the burden of analyzing calls off our customers.

And we do it all without losing sight of what’s most important: the communities we serve and the families we are helping to protect.