Voice Recording and Quality Assurance

Illuminate 911 Quality Assurance is your comprehensive and all-encompassing solution designed to meet every aspect of QA needs within PSAPs. Our full-service program goes beyond traditional QA evaluations by offering monthly reviews conducted by a team of experienced QA evaluators, and personalized feedback for call-takers. 

Additionally, our service integrates seamlessly with a PSAPs existing technology, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring a smooth workflow for emergency communications. 

What if

you don't

have enough

Time to perform QA evaluations Knowledge to exploit your CAD Data Personnel to perform QA evaluations


Having your very own
911 QA department

200+ Coaching Modules

With over 200 meticulously curated coaching modules, our library addresses diverse skill sets and scenarios ensuring targeted development and growth. From call handling to crisis management, these engaging modules empower your team for excellence in any situation.

50+ Independent QA Evaluators

We conduct monthly reviews with your QA manager to identify emerging trends, share valuable insights, and
provide expert guidance for employee Quality improvement.

35+ Comprehensive Reports

Integrating these diverse datasets provides insights on call handling, response times, and operational effectiveness. These unified reports unveil performance trends and enable you to pinpoint areas for  improvement with precision.

Call-Taking Annual QA Evaluations

*We use the calculator to provide our customer’s with a baseline recommendation from APCO/NENA standards and guidelines. Please note the calculations should be considered a recommendation and not a requirement.

Annual Radio Dispatch QA Evaluations

Unlock the Benefits of Our illuminate 911 QA Program

Our Quality Assurance Program offers a multitude of benefits for both management and 911 call-takers and dispatchers.

Benefits for management

Ensures Adherence to Standards, Procedures & Policies

Identifies Areas to Change Or Improve

Improves Staff Retention & Morale, plus establishes Consistent Employee Evaluation & Feedback

Ensure your evaluation and feedback remain a priority

They receive feedback on ways they can improve performance

Stress levels drop through consistent & transparent communication

QA helps management understand their daily challenges & implement solutions

Independent evaluators eliminate reviewer bias which can cause tension

Benefits For
Call-Takers and Dispatchers

Get time back in your day while saving your agency thousands of dollars

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