Voice Recording and Quality Assurance

The Next Generation PSAP 911 Recording Solution

HigherGround is the next generation PSAP 911 Recording Solutions. It has already proven its capability as one of the industry leaders in PSAP 911 recording solutions and successful deployments in a lot of PSAP operations.

Capture911 of HigherGround Technology Solutions is popular for being a cost-effective and reliable call recording application made for critical public safety communication.


The Main Solutions Capture911 can provide you.

1. Capture Interactions

Documents every call and radio transaction of all associated data like time, date, CAD screens and IDs, incident reports, etc.


2. Incident Reconstruction

Reconstructs the event in chronological sequence based on all of the data gathered from the incidents. This provides efficient investigation analysis.


3. Compliant and Secure

Ensures that PSAP contact centers follow the current and proposed legislative mandates. Security of storage and transmission is not a problem as it uses encryption to provide the most secure environment possible.


4. Assessment and Training

Having consistent evaluation interactions or quality assurance helps improve the skills of the call takers and dispatchers. To make the feedback and training more effective, it is a form-based evaluation and has customized scorecards.


To make you understand further why Capture911 gives you Critical Communications Recording with Confidence, here are some of its features:

  • Gathers interactions from any devices like telephone, radio, email, chat, video, SMS, GIS, mobile phone, and visual images
  • Has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Smooth integration with major console, radio, and telecom systems
  • Surpasses NENA and APCO NG9-1-1 standards
  • Captures all interactions and associated metadata available for fast playback
  • Organizes data based on the right sequence from every channel in order to produce a chronological incident reconstruction
  • 24/7 system uptime is ensured by proactive monitoring and notification
  • Provides effective assessment/evaluations and training


To provide a much more effective PSAP 911 Recording Solutions, here is the information on the features you need to know about Capture911’s recording and incident reconstruction:


  • Data Integration

Collects and consolidates the structure and unstructured data from multiple sources such as voice interactions, CAD ID, screen captures, ANI/ALI, GIS data, text messages, etc. This multiple information is synchronized into a single event with the corresponding timeline.


  • Customizable Data Search

Retrieval of archived data and recording, including CAD ID, station, dispatcher, talk group, radio alias, and so on is made easier and more convenient. Recorder incidents can be stored to media files, emailed, or shared via portal media.


  • All-In-One

Captures all types of audios whether analog, digital, or VoIP, even radio, P25, and dispatcher consoles into a single recording destination. Also, for a more comprehensive view of an incident, SMS, video, and GIS can be integrated.


  • Real-Time Dashboards

Switching between live calls and dispatchers is made easier with just one click. This also helps monitor PSAP key performance indicator metrics.


  • Digital Signature

Verifies the validity of the captured interactions and ensures that the recordings are not tampered with or altered.


  • Virtual Incident Archive Drive

Captured incidents and playback software can be placed in any preferred archive. This feature securely locks all the recorded data – recording and incident information. Once the permission is confirmed, the entire incident that is placed in the preferred storage will play it back in chronological order.


  • Redaction

Enables eliminating sensitive data by redacting or censoring portions of the recorded incident. The sensitive data is replaced by silence or a tone so it does not affect the recordings on the system.


  • Service Reliability

Notifies the clients of a potential problem before it will happen. There is nothing to worry about the technical services as remote and on-site technicians are available immediately.


  • I’m Alive

Proactive monitoring and notification is done to make sure that your communications recording system is working 24/7.


  • Robust Security

Guarantees that recorded interactions are placed in the most secured environment, all network communication is encrypted with multi-layer algorithms. To access the data, each user is provided with their own permissions and rights. If you are not authorized, you won’t be able to access it.


  • Replication Software

There is various automated online storage available for instant access to redundant information locations for recovery from any acts of God or accidents.


  • Unlimited Playback

Free unlimited playback listening in accessing the data on the network.