Voice Recording and Quality Assurance


One of a kind QA/QI tool designed for Public Safety

It is a tool, a software, a vision, a method, it is the experience of 26+ years in the market transformed into technology applied to QA/QI.

Experience hassle-free QA evaluations and precision driven QI results.

Let us take care of your evaluations while you focus on critical tasks at your PSAP. No more evaluation management, just seamless and stress-free solutions for your peace of mind.

What if

you don't

have enough

Time to perform QA evaluations Knowledge to exploit your CAD Data Personnel to perform QA evaluations


Having your very own
911 QA department


Coaching Modules and QA forms based on your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).


Independent 911 QA evaluators that perform regular assessments based on your goals and provide regular reports and recaps.


Comprehensive Reports combining your CAD, phone, and QA data for a full understanding of your centers performance and areas for improvement.

Tangible QA/QI Benefits

Experience tangible Quality Assurance and Improvement benefits through advanced data and technology. Unlock valuable insights, streamline workflows, and drive efficiency. Make data-driven decisions, enhance performance, and achieve excellence.

Benefits For Management

Ensures adherence to standards, procedures & policies

Improves staff retention & morale, plus establishes consistent employee evaluation & feedback

Identifies areas to change or improve

Ensure your evaluation and feedback remain a priority

They receive feedback on ways they can improve performance

QA helps management understand their daily challenges & implement solutions

Stress levels drop through consistent & transparent communication

Independent evaluators eliminate reviewer bias which can cause tension

Benefits For
Call-Takers and Dispatchers

Get time back in your day while saving your agency thousands of dollars

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Doing QA is better than not doing QA

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