Training ensures that you maximize the full benefit of your call recording solution. Replay’s personalized training services are designed to suit your individual and business needs upon installation and throughout the life of your service agreement. Our training program is taught by exceptional instructors -- the same that train our own technicians. The instructors teach courses that address your unique business challenges, objectives and goals.


  • System Administration: This session gives system administrators the knowledge to configure, manage and maintain the HigherGround system. Add and delete users, configure recording groups, define recording triggers and manage archives.
  • Supervisory: Trains managers to search for and playback recordings, productively monitor and evaluate agent performance on-demand and real-time, design and utilize grading forms and generate reports.
  • Agent: Provides trainees with the skills and understanding needed to utilize system applications to productively manage the recordings and data captured by the system. Search for and playback recordings, monitor calls in real-time, generate reports on telecommunications data and schedule reports to run or print automatically.
  • Evaluation: Provides trainees with the skills needed to utilize Quality Assurance Evaluation application to productively monitor, evaluate, and improve agent/dispatcher performance. Design and utilize grading forms in Evaluator that are reflective of their environment. Recording workstation screen activities with Screen Capture is an additional tool to support quality assurance programs in improving agent efficiency.
  • Ongoing Training: Innovative features are added to our solutions on a regular basis. Training continues well after installation as we inform and educate clients about upgrades and tools via online training webinars.


In addition, Replay Systems offers Webex training tailor-made for your Center.  This is ideal for new employees who come onboard or for old employees who need a refresher. The training seminar will be tailored to answer your employees’ specific questions and provide for their specific needs. Moreover, the training is done via Webex, so scheduling is not an issue as employees can tune in via the Internet! Webex training can also be helpful when introducing new and/or updated software applications in the future.