New Managed Services to Public Safety Market

Press Release

Replay Systems Introduces New Managed Services to Public Safety Market

Company introduces three new offerings for Public Safety

Replay Systems, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, introduces Replay Managed Services (RMS), which consists of Replay QA, Replay Audio on Demand and Replay Consult.

Replay QA- Replay handles all or a part of your agency’s Quality Assurance evaluations with evaluators that are currently QA evaluators, trainers, supervisors or manager at their own PSAP’s. We have integrations to Priority Dispatch, and APCO QA evaluations are done faster and are more consistent to today’s standards. Training and coaching modules can be pushed out to call takers to improve future customer service.

Replay Audio on Demand- Replay’s Team of CJIS certified agents will help manage and pull recordings for public information requests, internal reviews, incident management or any other reason a 911 audio call or radio transmission is needed.

Replay Consult- Replay’s QA team will come on site and help your team plan, design, and execute a QA program specifically designed to your needs and standards.

Replay Systems has always been at the forefront and leading the way with innovative products and services for public safety for almost 20 years. Replay has deployed thousands of recording solutions since inception, and has led the industry in customer service. Our customers tell us every day that manpower, data management and time are some of the biggest obstacles they face day in and day out. 

As Replay enters its’ 20th year, we are here to help you meet the high demands of operating a Public Safety communication center even more. We are proud to introduce Replay Managed Services. The innovative services now go beyond just selling and servicing recording solutions, but leverages our years of experience in creating QA programs, training, data capture, and other beneficial services that demand manpower and time.  

“Public Safety communication technology has made modest improvements in the past 20 years, while technology in the commercial market exploded. Next Generation 911 (NG911) will enhance the 911 system to create a faster, more flexible, resilient, and scalable system that allows 911 to keep up with communication technology used by the public. However, this all comes with a price tag. Elected officials don’t want to raise taxes to cover the cost, so agencies are going to be asked to do a lot more with similar budgets”, said Scott Hurley, CEO of Replay Systems.

“A few years ago we started offering Replay QA to our existing customers, mainly because they wanted to do QA but just did not have the manpower nor the time”, says Eddie Guererri, Vice President of Replay Systems. “Many of them had the best intentions of using the software and/or starting an in house QA program, but did not have the needed resources to do it right. Replay Consult can help build that program, and Replay QA can complete the program at about half the cost of hiring full time employees.  We also found through our customers that they regularly fall behind on public information requests for 911 audio recording, again it was about manpower, and being asked to do more for less. Replay Audio on Demand fills that void, with unique tools and practices to get the work done right and on time.”