Public Safety Recording System

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Logging Recorders for Emergency Communication Centers

Next Generation 911, Text-to-911, and new Quality Assurance standards are drastically changing the Public Safety communications landscape. That’s why Replay’s public safety recording system will help you improve your PSAP operations today while also preparing for what’s on the horizon.

Replay is a distributor of the most powerful call logging software solutions available today, specifically designed to meet the mission-critical needs of the Public Safety emergency communications environment. We reliably log and synchronize 911 calls, including digital, analog, and VoIP calls, conventional and P25 radio transmissions, text–to-911 interactions, video, images, console screens, locations from geographic information systems (GIS), and integrated feeds from other sources.

A Replay Systems call logging system can scale and adapt from single PSAP centers to complex environments with multiple sites, networks, or multi-media calls.

Recording alone is simply not enough. You need to be able to integrate with other systems for expanded data collection, have flexible recording and storing options, quickly find recorded communications, and have the ability to easily and securely share information on a moment’s notice. And it all needs to be done cost effectively. A recording solution from Replay Systems will provide you with these benefits and many more.


Multimedia incident reconstruction


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Quality assurance


Incident intelligence dashboards and reporting



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Audio, screen & text recording



Instant replay and live monitor

The features and reliability you need

Flexible integrations

Our recording systems offer the broadest range and depth of integrations with your communication systems and the majority are formally tested and certified in manufacturer labs.

NG911 and P25 compliant

Our solutions provide interoperability with NG-9-1-1 and FirstNet technologies within NENA standards. In addition to that, our radio dispatch recording systems offer unmatched depth of certified integrations and partnerships with leading radio system manufacturers, spanning everything from conventional to P25 trunked IP radio recording.

Scalable to fit your organization

We design a solution that fits the needs of any size organization and our solutions provide our customers with the ability to easily expand or upgrade. As technology changes, we are able to adapt the solution and provide customers with long term flexibility.

Fully customizable

We configure the software application to meet the specific needs of our customers. Your software will be tailor made to fit your desired requirements.

Proactive monitoring and notifications for 24/7 reliability

A Replay recording solution is designed to provide detailed device monitoring to track, visualize, and rapidly alert to specific events based on rules that categorize event types by severity and other criteria, and promptly initiate the appropriate response directed to designated users.

Web-based, all in one user interface

We provide a single user interface that is secure and easy to access. You will have access to a suite of modular applications such as: Reconstruction, Quality Assurance, Dashboards and Reports, and System Administration.

Wide range of storage and archiving options

A Replay recording solution can be configured to store and archive multimedia files to any secure location on the network.

Highest levels of security

Our solutions are built with Advanced API and event triggers to prevent the archiving of sensitive data, and it enables adherence to strict security standards. Communications are secured with multi-layer algorithms and data encryption to restrict access and protect confidential information.

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Priority Dispatch

Priority Dispatch - Priority Dispatch Corp. is the leader in providing emergency dispatch protocol products as well as training and services. Priority Dispatch is the licensed distributor of the world’s leading emergency dispatch technology. The company’s flagship product, the call taking software ProQA, is currently used by more than 1,600 agencies worldwide, and emergency dispatchers employ Priority Dispatch System (PDS) to process approximately 70 million emergency calls annually.

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Verint - Verint® Systems Inc. is a leading provider of Actionable Intelligence® solutions and services for enterprise workforce optimization and security intelligence. Our solutions help organizations make timely, effective decisions for improving enterprise performance and making the world a safer place.

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Call Cabinet

Call Cabinet’s Atmos technology and subscription business model are highly disruptive to the entrenched, legacy call recording industry. Atmos is built using true cloud-native technology that enables carrier grade scalability, performance & efficiency. Atmos is a powerful call recording and QA service for every type of customer. It’s a single platform that can be expanded with licenses and features to suit specific organizational needs. Atmos has no upfront costs and can be deployed in hours.