Replay Managed Services

Replay Systems introduces Replay Managed Services (RMS) for customers interested in improving Quality Assurance, saving time and money turning around public records requests, or helping to design the most cost effective methods to take on these critical needs yourself. With twenty years of experience, Replay will help provide the best technology and practices to effectively run your 911 call center with a look towards constantly improving the delivery of service provided to the community.

We offer the following services: 

  • Replay QA - Replay handles all or a part of your QA evaluations with Evaluators that are currently QA Analysts, Trainers, Supervisors or Managers in their own PSAP’s - Replay QA reps are also CJIS Certified and Priority Dispatch Certified. All the evaluations are done remotely and stay on the recorder server. Evaluations can be reviewed by your management team for accuracy, and then reviewed with your team members. Each month a report is sent as to the number of completed evaluations and reviewed with Replays QA team. Utilizing data elements helps Evaluators focus on those evaluations that mean the most. With integrations to Priority Dispatch and APCO, QA evaluations can be done faster and are more consistent to today’s standards.


  • Replay Audio on Demand - Replay’s Team of CJIS certified agents will help manage and pull recordings for Public information requests, internal reviews, incident management or any other reason a 911 audio call or radio transmission are needed. Everything is done remotely and within the server including your agency request, and the calls are placed in a password protected folder on the recorder server or to any other destination you require. This service could also include standard redaction services for a service fee.
  • Replay Consult - Replay’s QA team would come on site and help your team plan, design and execute a QA/Coaching program specifically designed to your needs and standards. This is a custom designed program which could be managed and controlled by your team and you may add any of the above programs to completely execute or supplement your own program.