T1 / E1 / ISDN PRI

Our Call Recorders are designed to record on T1, E1 and ISDN PRI lines. The flexibility of our recorders allows you to record from a variety of lines and have all your locations centralized into one server.

DS1 is a widely used standard in telecommunications in North America and Japan to transmit voice and data between devices. E1 is used in place of T1 outside North America, Japan, and South Korea. DS1 is the logical bit pattern used over a physical T1 line; however, the terms "DS1" and "T1" are often used interchangeably.

Additionally, both voice T1s and E1s exist in two main types: so-called "plain" or Inband( T1s or E1s) and ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface T1s or E1s)