Training / Coaching

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to call a contact center without hearing a well-known phrase: “Your call may be recorded and monitored”. Contact centers are primary using call recording to monitor and improve agent’s performance, enhance customer service and comply with regulatory requirements. Beyond that, call recording is proven to be a great tool for coaching and training in contact center environment

Call recording can surely play a crucial role in coaching and training of call center agents. It can significantly improve agents’ performance and take customer service to the next level.

Call recording can be successfully used for coaching and training in a contact center in a variety of ways including:

  • Leveraging prerecorded calls in training and coaching process is an effective way to train new hires
  • Contact center trainers can also prepare online repository of successful calls to train both new and existing call takers
  • Reviewing unsuccessful calls is also an important part of coaching sessions which allows an agent to learn from mistakes and better understand their strengths/weaknesses
  • A motivating technique is also to make an agent listen to his/her own call and evaluate it
  • With all the information available with call recording system, trainers can develop an individualized training approach specific to a person’s strengths and weaknesses