911 Recording Solutions of NICE Inform

The Most Advanced 911 Recording Solution: NICE Inform Multimedia Recorder

Nice Inform Multimedia Recorder has been known as a scalable 911 recording solution. It is the central location to record all the interactions at the 911 communications center such as logs and synchronization of the following:

  • 911 calls including digital, analog, and VoIP Calls
  • Conventional, P25, LTE, and TETRA Radio Transmissions
  • Text-to-911 Communications
  • Video, Images, Console Screens, Location Data from Geographic Information System
  • Enhanced Data EIDD
  • Integrated feeds from CCTV Video


Complex Communications Solution

This 911 recording solution can calibrate and modify from single PSAP centers to complex environments such as different sites, different networks, or even multimedia calls. It can optionally also be integrated into local recording with cloud-based media and data capture in ESInet.


Designed with NG911 and Text-to-911

Nice Inform Multimedia Recorder is designed to act in accordance with the National Emergency Number Association’s (NENA’s) i3 NG911. That’s why it comes with Next-Generation 911 (NG911) communications and Text-to-911 Recording.


Industry-Leading Evidence Management

Nice Recording simplifies the process of recording communications as it provides evidence management by helping you in organizing, synchronizing, and setting all occurrence information into context.


  • NICE Inform Professional

Design for small to medium PSAPs as it has high-end functions like multimedia management, audio redaction, occurrence reconstruction and distribution, cloud storage, ANI/ALI data capture, telephony integration, etc.


  • NICE Inform Elite

Design for medium to large PSAPS as it has premier functions like CAD Incident Analytics, GIS mapping of recorded communications and incidents, Web browser-based Incident Intelligence Dashboards, Capability to add audio analytics, etc.



Preventive and security measures for the recording, as well as a possible replay of the emergency calls, are easy to set up with NICE’s clear and intuitive user interface.


  • Rapid Search and Incident Reconstruction

Our software delivers the type of 911 recording solution that is made for all possible emergency situations. With NICE’s revolutionary technology, it has precision leverage expanded metadata captured via CAD, D-Channel, CTI, SIP, and other integrations, and easy search can be done in the recorded information through the caller ID, location information, call duration, date, and time, user name, channel ID, call direction, CLI/dialed numbers, Incident ID, Incident type, notes, etc.


  • Powerful Replay Capability

With instant replay and live monitoring by NICE Inform Verify and NICE Inform Monitor. It also has speed playback with pitch control and a loop replay aid.


  • Highest Security Levels

Security access is based on assigned roles. To achieve the highest security, it is equipped with AES 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit, granular user access profiles, web-based admin, etc.


  • Open Architecture

Windows OS, SQL database, and COTS server chassis.


  • Variety of Recording Methods

It has full-time or rules-based recording and it even includes recording on demand (ROD).


  • Optional Selective Call Deletion

Deletes recordings automatically that are based on the retention schedule or created rules for deletion of marked calls. It still keeps the metadata that is captured with recordings even though the voice and text media are already deleted.


  • Wide Range of Storage and Archiving Options

Review the best storage medium that meets your cost and targets. The options are local storage to standard hard drives, archiving to SAN/NAS and RDX removable hard drive, or central storage to SAN/NAS. Also, those drives that have schedules do automated archiving.


  • Easy Deployment

It uses commercial server hardware and installation remotely can be an option – Choose between Windows 2012 or 2016. For web-client access, use Windows 10 or 7.